In Development

  • Screen 1



    Format - Feature Film

    Producer - Alison Reddihough & Simon Corris

    Director - Simon Corris

    Writer - Edward Sleath


The Story

The White House Experiment is a nightmarish thriller for the Big Brother society - a detox for the disturbed.

Six young disillusioned adults volunteer to become human guinea pigs for a secret and deadly experiment. Trapped in their unhappy worlds with no hope and no end in sight their last chance is The White House Experiment.

This is a world people are not supposed to see. This is the world NIXON, finds himself. Mentally vulnerable he is identified, assessed and recruited as a strong experiment candidate. He is not alone…

The five other volunteers WASHINGTON, MADISON, HAYES, TAYLOR and LINCOLN all find themselves in a similar position, each with their reasons for joining, each with their reasons for staying, each with their reasons for dying…

Confined to two rooms by the anonymous and authoritarian EXPERIMENT OFFICIALS, their every move monitored, their every word recorded, the Volunteers reveal the extent to which they’ll willingly risk their lives in their search of freedom.

As the Experiment’s chilling parameters expand the Volunteers start to question the sense of it all, the first suggestion that the Experiment is not the solution to their problems. However, the fear of returning to their lives on the outside is too great and the Volunteers continue to face the very real possibility of death. The Volunteers openly battle their minds, each other and their faceless Experiment Officials in an attempt to come to terms with their fears and halt the experiment before it’s too late.

For some however it’s already too late as, one by one, the Volunteers find themselves dying to get out…

© 2021 Edward Sleath.


The Bunker


The Bunker & Medical Centre (ground removed)


Inside "The Bunker"(ground removed)


The Medical Centre


The Volunteers


The Control Room