Ghosthunter | The Book & DVD

The Book Launch

  • BookHow To Make Great Short Feature Films:
    The Making of Ghosthunter

    Writer: Ian Lewis
    ISBN: 0-240-51945-0

  • Ghosthunter Screening
  • The Curzon Soho
    Shaftesbury Avenue
    London W1

    Wednesday 11th April

    The book launch was a great success. Various members of the crew were present and were able to chat with the audience about all filmmaking issues, in the bar after the screening.

    The question and answer session (chaired by Duncan Enright from Focal Press) was particularly popular, with Simon Corris (Director/Co-writer), Alison Reddihough (Producer/Co-writer), Trevor Coop (Camera Operator) and Maurice Gillett (Executive Gaffer) on the panel. The audience were able to talk to the panel members about all aspects of Ghosthunter and question Maurice and Trevor about their own extensive careers in the film industry and some of the great directors and cinematographers they've worked with.

    We hope to arrange further events to publicise the film and the book, details will be announced on the website in due course.
  • Crew members present
  • Executive Crew

    Maurice Gillett - Executive Gaffer
    Trevor Coop - Camera Operator (Pinewood)


    Simon Corris - Director, Co-producer, Co-writer
    Alison Reddihough - Co-producer, Co-writer
    Gavin Struthers - DoP
    Luke Smith - Production Designer
    Matt Twyford - Visual Effects Supervisor
    Simon Cozens - Editor
    Jacqui Wetherill - Production Manager
    Dean Thompson - Focus Puller
    Jason Coop - Clapper/Loader
    Bea Marx-Logerfo - Costume Designer


    Anne Guidera - Kodak
    John Rendall - Panavision

    From the publisher

    Ian Lewis - Author of the book
    Jenny Welham - Commissioning Editor
    Duncan Enright - Head of Marketing
    Emma Hales - Marketing Manager