Ghosthunter | The Book & DVD

The Book

  • The BookHow To Make Great Short Feature Films:
    The Making of Ghosthunter

    Writer: Ian Lewis
    ISBN: 0-240-51945-0

    Foreword by Academy Award® winning Producer: David Parfitt

    The unfolding story of the writing, production and distribution of Ghosthunter forms the core of the book. Based around extended interviews with all the participants in the project the book also explores the wider aspects of short filmmaking and filmmaking advice.

    Most of the written advice available is based on setting up for your first feature, this is fine once you're at that stage. However there is a huge short film industry and we found little advice about the experiences of those making a short and the best way to go about it. With the money we'd raised many filmmakers would have invested in what would be an ultra-low budget feature, we decided to make a high budget short. By talking to the great industry names we've been able to learn more effectively, by experience. Also, by setting up our production as closely as possible to a feature film, we feel more prepared than ever for the transition into full length movies.

    The experience of our executive crew has been invaluable to us in our desire to produce this film in the best possible way. The book and DVD document our experience and will be an invaluable source for anyone with ambitions to get into the film industry.
  • Further details of the Book Launch, held at the Curzon Soho on the 11th April 2000, can be found here.
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Companion DVD

  • DVDGhosthunter
    The 20 minute film in Dolby Digital 5.1
    surround sound

  • 1. Ghosthunter - The Documentary
    Behind the scenes of the the film with interviews with all concerned.

    2. Special Effect, Show and Tell
    A breakdown of one of the special effects created for us by The Computer Film Company, commentary by Simon Corris.

    3. Sound on Film, With Robin O'Donoghue
    Robin (Head of Post Production and Re-recording mixer at Shepperton Sound) talks about the process of sound layering on film. An invaluable guide to the whole process from recording on the set to the final mix in the dubbing theatre. Selected scenes from Ghosthunter will be shown highlighting each sound element, the original dialogue, foley, atmosphere tracks, sound effects and music.

    4. The Cannes Promo
    The 2 minute promo we took to the Cannes Film Festival.

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