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    Producer - Alison Reddihough & Simon Corris

    Director - Simon Corris

    Writer - Alison Reddihough & Simon Corris


    Format - 35mm, Short Film

    Running Time - 20 minutes

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    Awards & Festivals

    Ghosthunter has played at film festivals around the world and in 2000 it made it to the final 10 films shortlisted for an Academy Award® nomination.


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    Director's Diary

    During the course of making this film Simon Corris (Director) kept a diary of his day to day experiences on and around the set. Read about his experience during the production week by following the link below.







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    Production Stills

    Follow the link below to view the offical Production and 'Behind the Scenes' photographs for Ghosthunter.







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    Ghosthunter & Future Forests

    Ghosthunter is the 1st fully Carbon Neurtal® film.


    Amulet Films are delighted to be working with Future Forests on this unique project and we hope this initiative becomes an integral part of the film industry. For further details follow the link below.





The Story

Two lonely figures are bought together by ghostly disturbances in a Sussex guest house. Charlie, the ghosthunter, and a widower for two years is searching for the contact with his wife that will release his melancholy since her death. He now feels it's his duty to help the transition of lost spirits. His methods are very simple and it is perhaps this informal approach that lead many to underestimate and doubt him. Charlie takes any criticism in his stride, if asked to help he will, otherwise he is content to be left alone.

Sarah, the researcher, compelled to find her own purpose in life, investigates the myths surrounding a small village. Invariably driven to uncover the facts, she ploughs through the rumours and superstition surrounding a sinister group that operated in the village around the turn of the century.

Their respective journeys bring them together as Charlie recognizes something of his own unhappiness in Sarah. The spiritualist and the factualist who together uncover the horrors locked within the walls of an abandoned church. Charlie helps Sarah to find her purpose but can he find his own inner peace?

The Project

"Ghosthunter" is a 20 minute ghost story that involved the talents and experience of some of the greatest names in British cinema.

Written and produced by Simon Corris and Alison Reddihough, directed by Simon Corris and starring Frank Finlay, "Ghosthunter" was an extraordinary opportunity for all involved. The late/great Freddie Francis, one of the world´s most respected cinematographers, acted as Consultant Director of Photography supervising Gavin Struthers, NFTS final year student and winner of the Freddie Francis B.S.C. Scholarship. The late Maurice Gillett, Freddie's regular gaffer with over 40 years of experience in the industry, acted as Executive Gaffer on the film. Rodrigo Gutierrez and Trevor Coop (two of the UK's most highly regarded camera operators) shot "Ghosthunter" on location and at Pinewood Studios respectively.

Peter Lamont, one of the world’s leading Production Designers, acted as Production Design Consultant, liasing with Simon Corris and Luke Smith on the look of the film.

The eminent composer Barrington Pheloung composed the music and the sound editing for the film was supervised by Mark Auguste, who worked with his son Sam Auguste. Simon Corris and Alison Reddihough have sought advice from leading figures in the British film industry including Kenneth Branagh, David Parfitt, Robin O’Donoghue and Jamie Payne, director of the film "The Dance of Shiva".

The book about the project "How To Make Great Short Feature Films - The Making Of Ghosthunter" written by Ian Lewis, with a foreword by David Parfitt, is published by Focal Press. The book includes a DVD featuring "Ghosthunter" and the ‘making of’ documentary, many other special features and a wide range of short filmmaking documents and software. "Ghosthunter" has already attracted much press and publicity and a 'behind the scenes' documentary was shown on FilmFour in May 2000.

Amulet Films were delighted to receive sponsorship from Quantel and CFC, who supplied all the special digital effects, and Pinewood Studios, who provided a sound stage for the production. Invaluable support also came from Panavision, Kodak, The Film Factory and VFG Lighting.

The film has played at film festivals around the world, subsequently selling to TV and airlines in Europe and the US.

"Ghosthunter" is the first Carbon Neutral® film and Amulet Films are delighted to be supporting Future Forests with this project.

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