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David Parfitt

  • David ParfittHow To Make Great Short Feature Films:
    The Making of Ghosthunter

    Foreword by Oscar winning producer David Parfitt

    "Making a short film is one of the first, vital steps to becoming a filmmaker. Whether you’re using a camcorder and friends or a 35mm camera and a professional cast and crew, the experience will be a valuable one. Short films are an accessible way into a complex industry, and a chance to create your own calling card. One of my first experiences as a producer was putting together the short film "Swan Song" directed by Kenneth Branagh which I found an invaluable learning experience. Many of the contacts I made have remained part of my team for the past ten years.

    This book and DVD sets out to create a ‘short filmmakers kit’ which is something I would have valued when setting up "Swan Song". It aims to provide advice and inspiration for aspiring filmmakers and some of the tools to help make their progress easier. It achieves this ambition by blending together general short filmmaking advice with a case study of the short film, "Ghosthunter".

    "Ghosthunter" was produced by Alison Reddihough and produced and directed by Simon Corris of Amulet Films. These two ambitious and resourceful filmmakers decided early on that "Ghosthunter" would be an exceptional film in many ways. Not only did they want to reproduce the high production values of a feature film, they also wanted the filmmaking process to be an educational experience for all involved. They quickly realized that the best way of learning was through hands-on experience. They enlisted the help and advice of some of the most respected members of the industry, including Freddie Francis, Frank Finlay, Peter Lamont and Barrington Pheloung and were able to avoid many of the potential pitfalls of filmmaking. The result is an extremely well made film that will hopefully launch their feature film careers.

    As Alison and Simon hadn’t gone to film school - they are both actors - their filmmaking research consisted of reading as much as they could about filmmaking, however they found there were very few books specifically about making shorts. Along with the extensive knowledge of Ian Lewis, a writer with many years experience of film and television production, they set out to create the book that they wished had been available when they first started out.

    "How To Make Great Short Feature Films…" contains sound advice, support and encouragement for short filmmakers. It is a wonderful learning tool for those with ambitions to succeed in a very competitive industry."

    David Parfitt

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