Ghosthunter | The Carbon Neutral Initiative

Future Forests & Ghosthunter

  • Future ForestsGhosthunter is the first carbon neutral┬« film.
  • Amulet Films is planting, with environmental task force Future Forests, over 30 natural indigenous trees to balance or 'offset' the carbon dioxide emissions produced in the making of Ghosthunter. The production produced 24.5 tonnes of CO2 which equals 6.7 tonnes of Carbon.
  • Carbon dioxide is one of the main causes of global warming, trapping heat from the sun in the atmosphere. We can all help deal with this issue by reducing our CO2 emissions at source, switching where possible to renewables such as wind and hydro and offsetting - or absorbing the non reducible part of our CO2 emissions by planting trees.
  • Trees absorb CO2 and produce something positive - oxygen and wood. Every tree planted not only helps protect the environment but also helps recreate indigenous woodland, new habitats for wildlife and local amenity space.
  • Future Forests works with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, world authorities on greenhouse gases, and with local authorities, the Wildlife Trust and Community Forests programmes to source planting sites all around the UK and abroad.
  • If you would like to know more about Future Forests and its carbon offset initiative schemes, contact Future Forests at Hill House, Castle Cary, Somerset, BA7 7JL (Phone 0870 241 1932) or visit Future Forests website.
  • Amulet Films are delighted to be working with Future Forests on this unique project and we hope this initiative becomes an integral part of the film industry.