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    Any budding filmmaker has a number of issues to face: budget, cast, equipment, crew and the actual production, of course. All can cause considerable panic and frustration if not approached with the correct knowledge.

    This is where Lewis' superb text comes in. Rather than approaching the daunting world of digital film in a straight manual form, the author looks on the process of making a short feature, entitled Ghosthunter. The fact that this film (along with many other excellent featurettes) is included on the supplied DVD is a credit to the author - it really makes you appreciate and digest the content of this superb book.

    A foreword from Oscar-winning producer David Parfitt, kicks off the book, and it gets more and more impressive as you turn each page. From the first chapter, Beginnings - documenting the filmmaker's reasons for producing Ghosthunter - to the fantastic Appendices which include real-life budget plans, designers notes and a helpful (and essential) guide to exactly who does what on a film-set, the prose is thorough, concise and most importantly, extremely interesting.

    Each element of making a short film is looked upon from a real-life angle. This is a boon for the beginning filmmaker - seeing what life on and around a film-set is really like. Preparation, finding the actors and crew, music and sound, set design, script... the list goes on, and if you need to find out how to make the most out of your DV camcorder and filmmaking ability, this is the book for you. Amulet Films - the makers of Ghosthunter - gather respected industry gurus' insights on its travels, adding to the professionalism and readability of this wonderful guide. This text mixes the ultimate filmmaking guidance techniques, real-life case study and practical, interesting advice from those at the top of their game. go buy it.

    DV World Verdict: 9/10

    Published April 2001