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  • There is really very little I can say to introduce the subjects of this interview. Needless to say I'm quite jealous of a production company that can make a highly promising short with such a plethora of established industry talent at their creative disposal. In short, Alison Reddihough and Simon Corris run Amulet Films, they've made one of the most exciting shorts of the year, its a ghost story called 'Ghosthunter' and I talked to them about it. Oh, and they've also got a book deal out of it and, yes, the shoot was documented by Film Four. That's really all I can say now, you just have to read it. I suppose I'd better let you all get acquainted.

    Alison and Simon, this is our audience. Audience, je voudrais presenté Simon and Alison.

    I'm sure you'll all get along famously. Bye now!
    Tom Fogg, Editor

    How did Amulet come about?

    We are both actors with 20 years of experience between us. We've always loved films and been fascinated with the filmmaking process. We'd made a couple of films on Video 8 for our own entertainment with some of our actor friends which Simon then edited at home on the computer. In January 99 we started to learn as much about feature film making as possible, our intention was to follow the standard route and make our first low budget feature. First we wanted to expose some film so we made our first short on 16mm "The Essay" in March 99 and then things steadily progressed from there. Once we were committed to the idea of becoming filmmakers we decided to do it in the best possible way so we set up Amulet Films Ltd in the summer of last year and started developing some ideas. We owe a lot to Kenneth Branagh - a meeting with him in July 99 introduced us to Jamie Payne (director of "The Dance of Shiva") who inspired us to make "Ghosthunter" the way we made it. Rather than put the money into what would be another low- low budget feature we could make a high budget short.

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