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SFX Magazine - issue #63

  • ...One of the most interesting projects is Ghosthunter, a short film currently in post production, which has the kudos of some big names attached as consultants. Legendary Hammer cinematographer Freddie Francis has overseen the camerawork by Trevor Coop (Phantom Menace) and Rodrigo Gutierrez (Ridley Scott's Gladiator); Peter Lamont (Aliens, Titanic, numerous Bond films) is production design consultant, while Barrington Pheloung (Inspector Morse) is composing the music.

    The £30,000 film, starring Frank Finlay and directed by newcomer Simon Corris, clocks in at a little over a quarter of an hour and by all accounts looks superb. "We're trying to make a short that looks like a feature film, with the same production qualities," producer/co-star Alison Reddihough told SFX. "From the rushes we've seen, it looks like we've managed that".

    Interest in the project has been high, with a FilmFour film crew following the production around Pinewood, and later in the year Ghosthunter will be the subject of an entire book: How To Make Great Short Feature Films: The Making Of Ghosthunter ( from Focal Press). The film is expected to be ready in April after which it will be playing the festivals.

    M. J. Simpson

    Published April 2000