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The Computer Film Company

  • CFCCFC was created in 1985 with the single purpose of developing and using digital techniques for film special effects. After two years of intensive in-house design and development, a working digital film system was put into operation, and in 1987 CFC was the first company in the world to use all-digital processing for full-frame digital compositing on film.

    The Computer Film Company (CFC) is a leading visual effects house, working on feature films and commercials at the very highest level. Credits include Chicken Run, Mission Impossible 1 & 2, The Beach, Sleepy Hollow, Eyes Wide Shut, Lost in Space, Event Horizon, The English Patient & Braveheart.

Pinewood Studios

  • PinewoodPinewood has been at the forefront of international film production for over 60 years. From films like Talk of the Devil, the first film to be shot entirely at Pinewood and directed by Carol Reed, in 1936 - to the technological excellence that continues today, with films such as the "Bond" series, Aliens, Batman, Interview with the Vampire, Mission Impossible, The Fifth Element and Event Horizon. Today it boasts the worlds largest purpose-built silent stage, and Europe's biggest exterior tank.

    Pinewood are kindly supporting Amulet Films with a sound stage during production.


  • QuantelQuantel is a world leader in the development and manufacturer of digital graphics, effects, editing and server systems for broadcast, post production and film applications. In just two decades a succession of groundbreaking, innovative products has opened up new creative avenues, challenged perceptions about how tings should be done, and raised both production standards and audience expectations in the video, print and film arenas. Broadcasters and filmmakers word-wide use Quantel systems to create spectacular, award-winning results and top graphic designers and editors use Quantel technology to create a visual impact second to none.

    Quantel's Domino system is an established name in the special effects community and is the world's only end-to-end Digital Film system. Domino has been used to add production value on high end special effects blockbusters and lower budget movies alike. It has been used both to create the impossible and to invisibly enhance a scene. Domino systems are installed as far and wide as Hollywood, Seoul, Buenos Aires, London and Munich. The system has been used for special effects on Goldeneye, An Ideal Husband, Lost in Space, Outbreak, Seven Years in Tibet, Cousin Bette, Deep Blue Sea, Love is the Devil, The Borrowers and many other famous titles.

The Film Factory @ VTR

  • VTR

    Video Tape Recording Ltd. (VTR) is one of London's top digital post-production facilities with an international reputation for creative innovation and high quality special effects. Founded in 1985 in the heart of London's Soho district, VTR's core business has always been and still is, the high end television commercials market. It is also well known for music videos and title sequences. It has a broad and loyal client base which includes several of the top British and European production companies as well as advertising agencies.

    A recent addition to their facilities has been the establishment of The Film Factory at VTR. This new department was set up to cater for the ever expanding special effects feature film market as well as high resolution cinema commercials. At the centre of this new area is Quantel's latest Domino along with a team of experienced 3D animators. The Film Factory has recently been contributing effects to over a dozen feature films.