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    Producer - Alison Reddihough & Simon Corris

    Director - Simon Corris

    Writer - Clifton Stewart


    Format - 35mm, Short Film

    Running Time - 12 minutes


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    & Festivals

    Moth has played at numerous film festivals around the world. Here are a selection of the awards and festivals Moth has played at.


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    Moth is represented at selected international film festivals by The British Council

    We are also listed in the British Films Catalogue, a continuously expanding record of British features, shorts, documentaries and animations. Its extensive archive of British films extends back to 1998.



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    Production Diaries

    During the course of making this film Alison Reddihough (Producer) Simon Corris (Director) and Mark Reddihough (Runner) kept a diary of their day to day experiences on and around the set. Read each of their perspectives on the day by following the link below.





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    Production Stills

    Follow the link to view the official Production Stills for Moth plus a record of Pre-production through to the Cast & Crew Screening at the Odeon Covent Garden.







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    The storyboards for Moth where prepared using a scale model of the set and photographed using a standard digital stills camera by Director, Simon Corris, "This was a terrific way to explore all the angles of the set and even experiment with mood by playing with lighting and shadows".





The Story

"Moth" is the moving story of Tommy, an unhappy seven year old boy who is still grieving for the death of his father whilst battling with his new stepfather. When a moth dies in the palm of his hand he is fascinated by the residue it leaves behind - "magic dust, that helps the moths to fly" his mother tells him. Tommy becomes obsessed with moths, seeing them as the only way to escape from the conflict around and within him.

Making The Film

"Moth" was shot over 5 days at Shepperton Studios and 1 day on location in Twickenham. The main challenge of the film was in creating the thousands of digital moths needed to tell the story. The following pages are a record of the preparation, shooting and post production of the film. The production diaries detail the experience from the perspective of the Director (Simon Corris), Producer (Alison Reddihough) and Runner (Mark Reddihough). The VFX page has examples of some of the numerous visual effects shots needed for the film and click here for all the production stills and behind the scenes photographs.

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