Moth | VFX

Visual Effects

These Visual Effects shots are a small selection of the 44 VFX shots in Moth. They are early, ungraded work in progress shots. The original QuickTime files were emailed to me by VFX Supervisor Matt Twyford. I was then able to cut them into the film at home to assess each shot in context.

3D Moth Model

This is the 3D model of the moth. This model was used as the master for all the moths used in the film.

VFX 02-17

A final rendering of the moths flitting around the street lamp outside Tommy's window.

VFX 03-22

Another shot of the moths flitting around the street lamp.

VFX 10-37

This is a shot from inside Tommy's walk in cupboard in which he's been collecting the moths.

VFX 10-45

Tommy releases the moths into his bedroom.

VFX 12-57

Bill (Brett Fancy) & Angela (Julia Ford) break into Tommy's moth filled room.

  • 3D Moth Model

Tommy & Moths

Here's a Jpeg image from the film for use as desktop wallpaper. Right click on the image (Control click Mac) and select "Save Target As..." to download to your desktop.

  • Moth Wallpaper