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Tom's Poem

Tom Grant

Tom Grant, who doubled for the main character of Tommy throughout the shoot, wrote the following poem on Saturday 22nd February 2003 - as a memento of his time with us making "Moth".

Thank you Tom, for a beautiful poem.

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    Fluttering in the wind
    Fluttering by the street lamp
    One of the most fabulous of the winged

    As they admire themselves
    A different beauty comes along
    A wonderful flutterby
    Now everything goes wrong

    More creatures admire the flutterby
    Moths are less rare
    Moths are being gathered in an army
    In what they call Tommy’s lair

    Tommy is the leader of the moths
    He is going to show the flutterbys how to fly
    And he did but in heaven
    And the beautiful, wonderful flutterbys

    Shall never be admired as much as the moths.

    By Thomas Grant